A view through the eyes of 24mm

Last weekend I picked up a new prime lens: Nikkor 24mm f/2.8D. At first glance, it’s substantially heavier than my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D by roughly two pounds. The weight of which, I would attribute to the lens composition that allows it to have the 24 fixed range and a viewing angle of 84 degrees. The viewing angle is where the fun part comes in!

The 84 degree area of view gives photos a larger-than-life perspective, similar to that of Michaelangelo’s sculpture of David. If you’re unfamiliar with how M achieved the perspective of David, check out the size of Davids hands. They’re substantially disproportionate to the rest of his arms and legs and torso for the purpose of being viewed from someone looking down upon the sculpture. Therefore, when viewing David from the ground up, it makes him appear as if he has the composition similar to that of a Greek God.

One thing I have yet to do with this lens is capture a portrait of a person, however, I have gotten several architectural and automotive features. Both of which are substantially complemented by the lens’ field of view.

I’m going to continue updating this post in the coming weeks, as well as including a review of the 50mm prime lens. In the meantime, please enjoy some photos taken with the 24!

Portrait Project – Update 1

It has been nearly a month since I have been able to add some portraits to the portfolio here.

These are somewhat special, as I am beginning to dive into specific styles. some of which are that of Platon. His portraits of Rem Koolhas (artist) and Bill Clinton (former US President) are the two featured emulations I am including. Aside from these, we messed around with hand placement and lighting. Hope you enjoy as much as I do


Adventures in B&W

A couple of photos from throughout the week shot in B&W. Thanks to Phillips obsession with B&W, I have found that by using only a duo-color scheme, the emphasis on positive and negative space is enough to break the barrier of complication. So whether you view it as a minimalistic or stylistic approach, I think it looks cool no matter how it assuages to your personal taste.

Downtown Adventure – Part 2 – 9.20.17

I surprisingly had my one class of the day get cancelled, so I ended up sleeping in yesterday. Not knowing what I needed to do other than climb and swim, as well as getting some class work done, I went and ate some breakfast at my favorite coffee spot on campus. I sat there for a while and realized that there were a few shots I hadn’t been able to get two weeks ago when I was downtown for the folk festival ( although I was really there for the architecture and graffiti). So I packed my camera bag, bike over to my car, and headed downtown for the afternoon. Pretty happy with most of the photos I took. I narrowed 180ish photos down to 32, and from those 32 I have included some of my favorites right here!

Weekend at the Meadow — 9.17.17

Sometimes a weekend at home is the perfect remedy to a long week. That, and lots of Common, Q-tip, and some good movies. Although I stayed up until 4am Thursday to preorder a watch, I appreciated being back in my bed.

One of the weekends activities was figuring out how to take photos of the night sky. For most of these I used an exposure duration of 20 seconds, which I have determined is too long for my Nikon. The next attempts will be taken at around 10-15 seconds of exposure. Hopefully I can invest in a true wide-angled lense later on for larger pictures and greater vibrancy of the stars.